Hair loss and how to treat it

Hair gives us beauty and loss of hair creates psychological and emotional problems in both men and women. In most of the cases the hair loss is permanent as it is hereditary. However, sometimes due to some specific medical / environmental problems, people start suffering from baldness which may be treatable. In such cases, proper treatment will enable a person to reverse the hair fall. In the following few lines, I will discuss some of the reasons of hair loss and their possible treatment.

Male Pattern Baldness
More than 50 % men suffer from this baldness pattern. Male pattern baldness is the typical baldness that is hereditary and reversal or treatment is not possible. I think maximum number of scientists and doctors have tried to produce medicine for curing this type of baldness but they have failed miserably. Only through implantation, good results have been achieved but that is an expensive option. The cheapest option is to buy a wig.

Female Pattern Baldness
There are few medicines which help around 20-30 % women in slowing down baldness. For men these medicines have failed but do to some unknown reasons, women have been able to get benefitted.

Alopecia Areata
This disease is curable and a person recovers without any medication within few months. If the problem persists for more than a year then one has to take some measures to control the problem. There are medicines and injections available in the market which may reduce the span of the problem.
As discussed in previous lines, there are three methods of treatment; medicines, implantation and wigs. Implantation is expensive and medicines may create harmful effects. Wigs are cheap but may not look good. There are two types of wigs in the market; synthetic and the real hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are cheap and the real hair wigs may cost more. Important thing to note is to keep cleaning the wigs regularly otherwise you may get skin problems.

There are treatments like massage or acupuncture also carried out to stop the baldness. These techniques have not been proved successful but even then people go for these treatments. There is a very good tip to delay the baldness and that is to keep your hair clean and healthy. Do not use medicated or chemical based shampoos and do not let your hair have dust etc. keep washing with organic shampoos to keep your hair clean and you will increase life of hair manifold.

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