Eye make up ( what is safe and how to use it)

Use of poor quality eye makeup may harm your eyes. Poorly manufactured or low quality eye makeup is responsible for spreading infection and in extreme cases loss of eye sight as well.

Please follow the given instructions to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful:
1- Wash hands properly: We keep touching things with our hands and the germs accumulate. We must wash our hands thoroughly before we apply eye makeup.

2- Use brand new makeup applications at shops: This is very important not to use the old applications as they may carry germs and harm your eyes. Ask the shopkeeper to provide you with disposable / new applications to check the makeup.

3- Do not use makeup while driving: It can be dangerous. We know that most of the applications are to be applied carefully especially close to the eyes. Movement may result into injury to the eyes.

4- Test makeup for your skin: Some people have sensitive skin and without testing we should not apply any makeup. If we are using any brand for a long time then it is ok; otherwise, while selecting and using a new make, we must test it before buying.

5- Check the ingredients: All companies do not put same type of ingredients and their potency is not same. Read the labels carefully and only then select the makeup.

6- Maintain your makeup kit: Use the makeup carefully. Do not keep it open after use or do not mix the applications with other accessories. Mixing can result in bad results. Clean everything after use and put those carefully inside the provided packing / container. This will increase the life of your equipment as well as keep your makeup fresh and useable for a long time.

7- Do not use other’s makeup: This is very important not to use other’s makeup kit or allow others to use your kit. Germs can transfer or you can get disease from others.

8- Do not use chemicals: I prefer to use organic makeup but if organic eye makeup is not available then make minimum use of eye makeup. When there is no requirement, immediately wash your eyes and clean to dry.

Remember, eye care is very important and a slight mistake in selection or application of makeup may cause serious harm to your eyes. Using good quality makeup and following useful tips will keep your eyes beautiful and healthy.

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