Allergic reactions to skin care products

A few days ago I received a threatening phone call from one of my patients whom I had suggested some specific product to be used for his hair care. The patient made threats and said that I would be facing dire consequences for giving him wrong advice. I made a call to him last night and apologized and he finally understood my explanation and forgave me.

This specific product was being advised by me for the last six months and this was the first case it showed a negative side effect or reaction. This thing has taught me that all the hair care products are not safe for all. Each individual has different chemistry and biological response to different product and I must caution my patients that anything can happen. So everyone should first test the product before regularly using that hair care product.

The right word to be used to check the reaction against any hair care product is “Sensitization”. In most of the cases, first time reaction of the body tells us that the hair care product has been accepted by that particular person or not. But in some cases, this assumption is not true. Around 5 percent of the population suffers from the reactions after two or three uses and that’s the time they do not understand the real reason of their reaction or problem. They always say that nothing happened first time so the problem creator must be something else. They are not ready to believe why the hair care product has shown the negative impact after second or third time use. They think that the actual cause is something else and they start visiting the doctors instead of addressing the trouble maker.

My advice to all my readers is to know about their bodies. Before using any hair care product they must check the ingredients. Secondly they should not trust the advertisements in the media and go for every new hair care product. They shiny flowing hair shown in television advertisements are achieved through Photoshop or software effects. In real life such beautiful hair are not possible. It is always better to continue with the old hair care product with which you were always satisfied; however, if there is a strong reason to change the hair care product then you must consult the hair care specialist. He is the one who is going to give you the right advice and you will have the right product for your hair.

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