Organic or regular skin creams

Each of us has a different skin and we want to keep it healthy and beautiful.We want to avoid the need for cosmetic surgery. We need to know our skin type. Only then are you going to use the right cream for your skin. In comparison with regular skin cream I prefer to use the organic skin cream and in the following few lines I shall be talking about the type of skin cream has to be used for a particular type of skin. So, here are different types of skins and my suggestions of using the types of organic skin creams:

Normal Skin
Normal skin is not common. Normal means neither it is dry not it is greasy; breakouts and visible pores are rare in this skin. you can use both normal as well as organic skin creams. Both will have good effects.

Dry Skin
Cold areas or areas with less moisture and more sun result in dry skin. People get itchy feeling and rashes are a common thing. People with this type of skin seem to get older look as compared to people living in moist areas. Organic creams are good for these skins and moisturisers have to be used daily to keep the skin fresh and healthy
Oily Skin
Continental areas and places having high humidity will cause people to have oily skin. those who consume more fats also face this problem. Organic skin creams do not provide a good solution for this skin type; hence, use normal skin creams for the oily skin. keep washing the skin regularly and do not let the pores get clogged.

Combination Skin
This is the type of skin which is most common. People with this type of skin suffer the most as some part of the skin is oily and some is dry. So one has to chose the skin cream very carefully as all the skin cream companies do not cater for this particular type of skin. very few skin creams are good and general acceptance is for the organic skin creams.

Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skins are always prone to problems. Wherever you go, you get problems and your skin needs creams and treatments to stay normal. Whenever there is a change of environment, place, diet, water or air, people having this specific type skin get in trouble. Take extra care and use both normal as well as organic creams to deal with different situations.

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